As a future parent you have got a lot of things to deal with. We can imagine you would like to know more about baby care and our products. Most of this information can be found in our manual or take a look at the information below.

General Questions

How do I bath my baby?

You can place the bath (with stand) next to the dresser in your baby’s room or in the bath room. Make sure it is placed on a stable surface and that everything you need, like soap and a washcloth, is within arm’s reach. Fill the bath up with water that is neither too hot nor too cold. Your child feels most comfortable with a temperature similar to its own body temperature which is about 37°C or 98.6°F. Place one hand underneath your child’s armpit and use the inside of your arm as support for its head and neck so your little one can enjoy his or her bath to the fullest. It is very important you hold your child at all times during bathing.
The water level should be 15cm (5.9\") high at most when your baby is in the bath. When your child can sit, the water level should not be higher than its waist. For draining or filling up the bath a separately sold bébé-jou outlet tube is available.
Within the first few weeks it is important that your baby’s shoulders are submerged so they cannot cool down too much. Don’t bath your little one too long and make sure he or she is dried off properly. Avoid big temperature swings by wrapping up your baby in a nice and warm bébé-jou bath cape.

When can I clip my babies toe and finger nails?

The nails of your child will begin to grow soon after being born. Long or sharp nails can cause your baby to injure itself.
For the first two and a half months after being born, your child’s nails are still very soft. In that period you can file the nails carefully. After that period you can start clipping your nails. Cut the fingernails into a curved shape but cut toe nails straight across to prevent ingrown nails. Always cut with the utmost care and do not cut nails too short.

Do I really need an Aquasit (bath support)?

An Aquasit, sometimes referred to as a bath support, can come in really helpful when you gave birth to your baby. It reliefs your shoulders, back and pelvis when you bathe your little one.

Questions about products

How do I bath my baby in the bébé-bubble?

The best part about the bébé-bubble is that it simulates the shape of the womb in a natural fashion giving your little one a feeling of security. Another advantage is the reduced need for water to bath your baby whilst it still can be submerged up to its shoulders. One could say the bébé-bubble can be used as a water-saving baby bath for babies and toddlers up to two years old.
When you want to bath your child in the bébé-bubble it is wise to hold it carefully under its arms and slowly lower it into the water. When it is in the bébé-bubble calmly move one hand to the neck and the back of the head. The other hand can be placed under its chin. You will notice your baby will enjoy the warmth of the water.

Is the non-spilling cup dishwasher-proof?

Regardless of brand, we always advice to wash non-spilling cups by hand. This way the cup will continue to function best and nice designs will be better preserved.

Which bath stand belongs to my baby bath?

We at bébé-jou offer bath stands in two heights, 98cm (38.6") and 103cm (40.6"). They are available in all uni-colours with either a white or aluminium coloured frame.

Which height is best for me?

We offer the bath stand in two heights, 98cm (38.6") and 103cm (40.6"). The height of the stand is a matter of personal preference. Come to one of our points of sale and try out which one suits you best.

Up to what age can I use the bébé-jou (thermo)bath?

The bath can be used with babies and toddlers up to 20KG (44.1LBS) or two years old.

The cover of my easy-wipe box broke, what should I do?

We advise you go to the store where you bought the easy-wipe box. Take the easy-wipe box and a proof of purchase with you. Then they can have a look and, if need be, order a new cover.

Other questions

I can’t find an answer to my question!

No worries, you can either send an e-mail with your question to info@bebe-jou.nl or contact one of our points of sale.