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This is a world wherein the most important thing is giving your baby a dream start in life! At bébé-jou only the best is good enough. We design and manufacture an extensive collection of bath- and nursery products with the utmost care. In the development stage of our products quality, safety, functionality and comfort for parent and child are priority number one. We want to make daily care of your little one easier so you can enjoy your time together even more. Whether it is taking a bath or making strides toward being potty-trained, with bébé-jou products you will enjoy your time together even more.

A successful Dutch family business
Atelier 49 Nederland BV is an independent Dutch family business. It is successfully manufacturing and exporting baby nursery products worldwide since 1967. We are not successful by leaving things the way they are. We are combining four generations of experience with modern techniques and a strict quality and safety policy in the development of all our products. Want to know even more about the company? Simply click one of the pictures in the timeline.

Everything you need!
bébé-jou’s product range includes everything you need for your baby: baby baths, stylish diaper bags, changing pads, potties and other nursery products. All products are available in uni-colours and designs like Miffy, Disney’s Pooh and Tigger. You could easily choose all your products within one line ore mix and match as you please! How do you want to style your little ones baby room? Take a look at our inspiration page to acquire some new ideas. We constantly look for new and exciting products and colours to add to our collection. Follow us on Pinterest or Facebook and stay up-to-date to all things bébé-jou.

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