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We often have to habit to tuck up our little one in the best way possible. Sometimes it is difficult as a parent to estimate how warm you should cover your baby up. A too high body temperature due to the warm packing of your newborn baby can even be dangerous. The TOG value is a useful tool here. 

The diagram below gives a handy overview of the various TOG values and how to tuck up your baby. 

0,5 TOG- room temperature | above the  26°C 

1,0 TOG- room temperature | 23 - 24 °C

2,0 TOG- room temperature | 20 - 22 °C

2,5 TOG- room temperature | 16 - 19 °C


Size : 75 x 100 cm & 90 x 140 cm
Instructions for use : TOG: 1,5 with jersey lining
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